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Healthcare: navigating the marketplace and paying

Healthcare in the USA has been a big topic of conversation over the last few years, and rightfully so. While the debate on how the healthcare system should be run could be discussed at length, this will not be that forum. The focus for this post is getting an understanding of how you can pay for healthcare when your income has been decreased. When you lose employment, most of the time your previous employer no longer pays your premiums. What happens is the employer notifies your insurance company that you are no longer employed by them and they will no longer be paying your premiums. The insurer then sends you paperwork that lets you know they are aware your previous employer is no longer paying your benefits and if you’d like to continue coverage that you will be able to pay for your insurance yourself. This option is available through COBRA . COBRA was an act brought about in the 80’s to allow those losing their benefits and their employment the option to keep