Not just underemployed: New recipes

Working through the emotions and coping with being unemployed has been difficult, and I imagine I am not the only one that feels
that way. One thing that has always helped me has been a creative outlet. Cooking and baking have been a positive way to
express myself and my love for others so I have embraced it.

There have been a few recipes that have helped me get my groove back in the kitchen and the next step is to share them with
those that may also enjoy them.

The first is Kung Pao chicken. I came across this in the blog emails from MyFitnessPal and it was a hit. My person was a huge
fan since he loves spicy foods and it was good for me because it incorporated healthier options than normal, like a vegetable he
didn’t hate.

The sweetness from the honey and the extra spice from the chili paste perfectly blended with the toasty flavor from the sesame oil.
It’s definitely going to be made again.

Another first for me was scary sounding and intriguing at the same time. I made a face when looking at the title and ingredients,
and so did my person, but decided to give it a try anyway.

Spicy mayonnaise chicken seems like a terrible idea, but if I am being honest this method made for some of the most tender and
moist chicken I have ever had. It was super simple and most people have the ingredients in their kitchens already which makes for
a great last minute idea.

My last super fun recipe is something that was requested I make. Slutty cheesecake bars has the most ridiculous name but I can
understand why they went with it. This was super easy to make and smelled wonderful while in the oven. They also are the perfect
balance of smooth, cool, cheesecake and crunchy cookies.

What do you do to unwind and get your juices flowing? Do you perhaps have a favorite recipe that you recommend?


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