Coping the loss: Effects of the first week

Not everyone has experienced the loss of a job. For some, I can imagine that it is the hardest thing they have experienced. It can
lead to a small spiral and reassessment of what they will do with their life and how to cope with becoming something they do not
fully understand yet - unemployed.

When we are employed, there is often this idea that when we encounter a person that doesn’t meet that description they
are somewhat less. According to a study completed by UCLA in April of 2011, this stigma of being unemployed hits a person within
a few days of losing their jobs.

In the study, interviewees with similar resumes and work experience were considered for roles, the only difference being
one was currently employed and the other had recently lost their jobs.

UCLA researchers showed that employment status of an interviewee made up about five percent of the total consideration given to
candidates. So those that are unemployed could potentially be at a five percent disadvantage compared to the employed.
It was found that the five percent is regardless of the reason someone is unemployed.

As someone that falls in the dedicated, hard worker category learning this information was a bit disheartening. But, it is also part
of what is inspiring this blog. Consulting the Bureau of Labor Statistics we can see that the labor force includes those that are
employed and unemployed. Those that are not in either category are not part of the workforce, and is defined by someone not
seeking employment.

Knowing this, how can we work to change the negative stigma that is associated with unemployed when they are still making
up the workforce?


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